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Why I’m Eating More Now Than I Ever Have And I Couldn’t Be Happier


Just 18 months ago starting out to get myself better was a scary process. The level of panic I felt just considering a life without a diet was all consuming. The only life I could envisage was one where I ate myself into an early grave. In my mind it was giving up and letting food take over my life, my definition of the ultimate failure!

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LGBT Support – Speak Up

Whether your part of the LGBT community or an Ally its worth a look. This book looks pretty inspiring. There are so many young people who need support or just to know they are accepted. June is Pride month in the US.

A Sign For The Better

Yesterday some wonderful people who share this journey with me gave me words of encouragement and helped pick me back up. I feel better getting up this morning and while out I saw a little sign…. Continue reading

Plus-Size Ladies Are Having A Moment

Always worth sharing when you find inspiring women discussed in an article. I think they all look stunning.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about some hits and misses in plus-size fashion, particularly for a couple of celebrities, such as Rebel Wilson or Melissa McCarthy.

Well, let me tell you, lately it seems like plus-size ladies are getting it right. Really right. In fact, these women are slaying it!

I was inspired to write this post when I saw the bottom right photo of Melissa McCarthy from the People’s Choice Awards earlier this week. I used to hate when stylists, or maybe it was Melissa herself, I’m not sure, covered her up in way too much drapey fabric. I was like: Show her body! Well, she seems to be embracing her curves more often lately, and she looks amazing!


Next up is a blogger who I have admired for a long time: GabiFresh. She always looks chic … in fact, that word doesn’t even do enough justice…

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The Year Is Almost Done

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I Said It Out Loud!


Today, for the first time ever I said the words out loud, to a real life person….”I have an eating disorder”. It was with trepidation, but in one small sentence I accomplished so much! It’s out there and I’m ok because I’ve done it once, I can do it again!


Athena, embrace your inner goddess!

Another great source of inspiration!

Headlong Running Betty

Weight can be a touchy subject.  Like a lot of women, I struggled with body image as a teenager and through most of my 20s.  It didn’t seem to matter how thin I got, I felt just as dissatisfied with my body whether I was a size 14 or a size 2.  I was an obsessive about counting calories, working out, and weighing myself daily.  Society tells women that small=feminine, and despite being 5’9 I still was fixated on an arbitrary (and impossible) weight that I thought I needed to be.  I was never over weight; just a tall, “corn fed”, German girl, battling with my weight as it yo-yoed up and down.  At 30, I went through a series of difficult, life altering events, and was struggling with major depression.  It felt like I hit rock bottom, and I lost my motivation to do all of the active things…

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F*** the Media: When will the promotion of unrealistic Hollywood beauty ideals end?

So much in this blog post that joe public could do with reading. I agree with everything and sadly started out the same way. I wanted to fit in and have ‘that’ body. It’s hasn’t got me anywhere positive. Yet the cycle is still being created now, it’s frustrating and deeply unhealthy.

Thick Girls Can

Kirstie My mom enjoys reading People Magazine these days and it just happened to be sitting on the counter as I was eating breakfast this morning. I decided to open it up and flip through a few pages; not gonna lie, I do like my celebrity gossip fix, it’s a way of getting out of my own mind for a little while. Then I landed on page 24. “Kirtsie Alley: ‘I’ve Gained 30 Lbs'” is the headline in massive lettering. The following paragraph and images take up more than half the page. In the article, Kirtstie tells the mag about how she wants people to think she’s pretty, how she wants to lose the 30 lbs she gained by going on Jenny Craig again, how she needs to monitor herself more strictly, and how she will weigh herself every day, even though it is “torturous.”

Then, in the corner of the…

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