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Why I’m Eating More Now Than I Ever Have And I Couldn’t Be Happier


Just 18 months ago starting out to get myself better was a scary process. The level of panic I felt just considering a life without a diet was all consuming. The only life I could envisage was one where I ate myself into an early grave. In my mind it was giving up and letting food take over my life, my definition of the ultimate failure!

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LGBT Support – Speak Up

Whether your part of the LGBT community or an Ally its worth a look. This book looks pretty inspiring. There are so many young people who need support or just to know they are accepted. June is Pride month in the US.

A Sign For The Better

Yesterday some wonderful people who share this journey with me gave me words of encouragement and helped pick me back up. I feel better getting up this morning and while out I saw a little sign…. Continue reading

Plus-Size Ladies Are Having A Moment

Always worth sharing when you find inspiring women discussed in an article. I think they all look stunning.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about some hits and misses in plus-size fashion, particularly for a couple of celebrities, such as Rebel Wilson or Melissa McCarthy.

Well, let me tell you, lately it seems like plus-size ladies are getting it right. Really right. In fact, these women are slaying it!

I was inspired to write this post when I saw the bottom right photo of Melissa McCarthy from the People’s Choice Awards earlier this week. I used to hate when stylists, or maybe it was Melissa herself, I’m not sure, covered her up in way too much drapey fabric. I was like: Show her body! Well, she seems to be embracing her curves more often lately, and she looks amazing!


Next up is a blogger who I have admired for a long time: GabiFresh. She always looks chic … in fact, that word doesn’t even do enough justice…

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The Year Is Almost Done

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I Said It Out Loud!


Today, for the first time ever I said the words out loud, to a real life person….”I have an eating disorder”. It was with trepidation, but in one small sentence I accomplished so much! It’s out there and I’m ok because I’ve done it once, I can do it again!


Athena, embrace your inner goddess!

Another great source of inspiration!

Headlong Running Betty

Weight can be a touchy subject.  Like a lot of women, I struggled with body image as a teenager and through most of my 20s.  It didn’t seem to matter how thin I got, I felt just as dissatisfied with my body whether I was a size 14 or a size 2.  I was an obsessive about counting calories, working out, and weighing myself daily.  Society tells women that small=feminine, and despite being 5’9 I still was fixated on an arbitrary (and impossible) weight that I thought I needed to be.  I was never over weight; just a tall, “corn fed”, German girl, battling with my weight as it yo-yoed up and down.  At 30, I went through a series of difficult, life altering events, and was struggling with major depression.  It felt like I hit rock bottom, and I lost my motivation to do all of the active things…

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F*** the Media: When will the promotion of unrealistic Hollywood beauty ideals end?

So much in this blog post that joe public could do with reading. I agree with everything and sadly started out the same way. I wanted to fit in and have ‘that’ body. It’s hasn’t got me anywhere positive. Yet the cycle is still being created now, it’s frustrating and deeply unhealthy.