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An Official Diagnosis

I have had my follow up from the Eating Disorder Service.
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Online Friends Are What Keep Me Going

If we chat on here or another social platform, thank you! Continue reading

Subconscious Hauntings

I am working through the emotional turmoil of the last week. It would be safe to say I feel quite depressed at present.
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Apparently New Progress

We went out to dinner this week, a favourite restaurant of mine. The usual level of excitement was present on the way there and I don’t restrict myself on what I eat, it was going to be great getting my hands on all my favourites! Continue reading

I Did It – I Confronted Them


The day I went for my assessment was an emotional one. The fear of what may happen and general emotions of the day left me with a feeling, if I’m going to do this therapy, I need to do it wholeheartedly. That meant I had one problem I haven’t tackled…my narcasistic mother and step father.

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A New Chapter- Never Experienced Before


Tomorrow I have my assessment with an eating disorder clinic. Continue reading

‘Just’, A Word That Holds So Much


We hear the word a lot ‘couldn’t you just…’ ‘It will be ok, just…’ ‘I just need to…’ Continue reading