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Mothers Day, Full of Happiness or Triggers and Tears?

As a mum of two small children,  today is an important one for me. Not for the anticipation of presents or being taken out. Just simply because it’s a pause in the craziness of family life, to look at each other and appreciate what we have. I am incredibly proud of my kids and the cuddles I had today are very precious to me. Perhaps a little more than just a few hours ago.
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A Bit of Nostalgia

There are some things that give me a life emotionally and me feel invisible and ready to take anything on. Obviously there’s the high after a work out and fun with friends and family. But my absolute favourite is things like The Big Reunion!  I love all the songs, it channels my youth straight through the tv. If you could see my face now! I would give that crowd a run for their money! 😀

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A Little Thank You

When I started this blog I had no idea if anyone would ever see it, let alone read it. It was a project to help get some of my many thoughts and feelings out of my head and onto a page.  It’s good therapy for me, as once I have written something, it’s far easier for me to move on from it.

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Oh The Irony

It was another one of those nights where neither of us could be bothered to cook.(if I’m honest there have been far too many lately! ) So we ordered Chinese. Sat waiting for it to arrive I read some comments on Facebook discussing Channel 4’s Secret Eaters. It seemed worth a watch.

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Lets talk about recognition

Where to start…I’m currently sat at home unwell with two poorly children and I’m grinning! A little bit of a contradiction there:). I have just come online to post about the positives to have come out of my journey so far. I logged on to see that the blog has reached so many people today, in 4 different countries too, that is fantastic!

As well as recovery, I started this blog because I really feel that by talking about these problems will eventually help more people.

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