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What If I have The Same Problem as Dr Watson?

Anyone who is a fan of the Steven Moffat’s version of Sherlock Holmes series, will know that in the first episode A Study In Pink,  Dr Watson is seeing a therapist to deal with life after his service in Afghanistan.
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‘Just’, A Word That Holds So Much


We hear the word a lot ‘couldn’t you just…’ ‘It will be ok, just…’ ‘I just need to…’ Continue reading

Taking Back Control!


Work has been so stressful of late that my positive improvements have been unravelling rapidly. Today i made a decision to take back control and leave.  I need a break from the anxiety and worrying. My prospective employers are currently trying to call all the shots while leaving me with the responsibilities.  It’s not good for me, so I’m out as soon as my current contract ends! Wish me luck….