Inspitational People….Check Out Sarah Mcgee

Earlier in the year, a ‘before and after’ photograph of a young woman was shared across Facebook (and various other media sites). Although both figures had the same outfits on, the after image appeared to be photo shopped, due to the great differences between the two figures. If someone had actually achieved it, then it was some feat! Before sharing the photo, I did a quick search, that revealed this was indeed a genuine image. The result led me to Sarah Mcgee’s Instagram page.

Although we live on opposite sides of the world, I have found Sarah to be quite an inspiration. Her journey is one to become healthier, fitter and lose weight. She is honest and comes across as just being herself. The journey has had ups and downs, but she is still going. Her efforts have obviously paid off and show what hard work and determination can do. Although her story isn’t unique, there is something about this young lady and her smile that sticks in my head. If I’m having one of those ‘I can’t do this’ days, her pictures and words often give me the little push to get up and do something. Even days after reading something posted.

I could tell you more about Sarah, but I think she does that just fine already. Take a look for yourself and see what 47,000 of us have already.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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