Lets talk about recognition

Where to start…I’m currently sat at home unwell with two poorly children and I’m grinning! A little bit of a contradiction there:). I have just come online to post about the positives to have come out of my journey so far. I logged on to see that the blog has reached so many people today, in 4 different countries too, that is fantastic!

As well as recovery, I started this blog because I really feel that by talking about these problems will eventually help more people.

It’s not a subject that we can talk about easily and even we don’t understand the majority of our own thought processes. But I definitely think that currently, society is very unaccepting of our conditions. So that remains a big barrier to us communicating with those around us. Progression in psychology has allowed Anorexia and Bulimia to become widely known, which is an important development. But even I didn’t know what I was suffering from was actually a recognised condition until a few months ago. I decided that I wanted to see if I was alone and did some research. The response was much bigger than I expected. With the most common factor we all shared, was that we looked but hadn’t found somewhere to talk where we felt we fit and wouldn’t be judged.

When I attended the Beat meeting, hearing others talk about what they experience’s was a big help for me. It almost validated what I already knew in a way. Having an eating disorder of any sort can be a lonely battle. Sometimes we want help and other times we want to avoid it at all costs. I think the key to any recovery is understanding, something we can give each other. So anyone reading this blog and thinking, ‘yep I could have written this about myself’ just remember, your absolutely not. At last count this blog has been read 80 times and just today 25 visitors. If all those visitors are relating to what I talk about, then that’s a LOT of us that are all feeling very similar emotions. So if we can turn all those visit into voices talking about their experiences, perhaps along with organisations and charities, we can get our stories out in the open, accepted and recognised.


Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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