After tonight’s disaterous viewing, now seems like a good time to address those positives I spoke about this morning…..

This is absolutely not something normally do for myself. I can be massively supportive of friends and family and their accomplishments. When it comes to mine….well, I normally have little to say.

Since January 2014

• Stopped weighing daily. I have stuck to weighing only once a week. No more 3 timrs a day and pulling off another item of clothing, going to the loo or moving the scales. Just on, off and done.

• I started running. Before this I couldn’t run 30sec. I now run 3min in an interval programme (C25k).

• Clothes have become slightly looser due to toning. This is a great boost for me, as previously always valued my achievement on weight loss and of course judged failure by the number on the scale too.

•I no longer expect weight loss to be in a day or week even. I now look at this as something that can be decided after at least a month.

• I have gained a far better ‘high’ from these achievements and working out than my anti depressant used to. I can confidently say I don’t need them now.

• Being able to see positives is a big step for me. I can be very negative.  So I have managed to change parts of my thought process already!

• By far my greatest achievement on this journey so far, has been this; no matter whether I have a good day / week or a bad one, I still consider myself to be on my journey to recovery. I just pick myself up when I’m ready to go again and get back on it. This may be a day (and at times like now when I’ve been ill) or weeks. I have never done that before. I have made a big dent in my ‘all or nothing’ approach. Now that is a nice feeling!

•I have stopped eating dessert when in a restaurant and abandoned many other take aways. This is something I’ve always eaten before. In these situations I now have stick to the thoughts,  ‘I dont need it and always regret it’. A small achievement on the way to cutting them all out eventually.

• I’ve stopped going back for seconds and eating it fast enough, so that I’m only over full after eating. My portions are not sorted, but I’m reducing what I eat in certain situations.

• This blog would be my final choice. I have spent time I would normally be eating, doing something far more constructive.  People are reading it, (Hi waves) so I kind of feel like I’m doing my bit to raise awareness. While at the same time adressing thoughts and issues I would have previously buried. I have a feeling something I started on a whim, may help me more than I realised.


Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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