A Bit of Nostalgia

There are some things that give me a life emotionally and me feel invisible and ready to take anything on. Obviously there’s the high after a work out and fun with friends and family. But my absolute favourite is things like The Big Reunion!  I love all the songs, it channels my youth straight through the tv. If you could see my face now! I would give that crowd a run for their money! 😀

Ok so perhaps some people may think I need to get out a bit more. (In my defence the 80’s & 90’s were epic for tunes) But music is a huge thing for me. I actually need to listen to it. A song is a key to a memory or an emotion. Some of them can make me feel unbelievably emotions,  some make me cry and others (like tonight) make me want to go crazy and party. (Actually doing this now is far from my definition of party from years gone by. But you get the idea:).

I posted this as it has been a nice reminder. I can use music as a tool to push myself past the ‘I can’t do this days’. Time to review the ipod tracks I think…after I have had my fix for the next hour or so!

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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