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Taking My Own Advice!

I have been trying to stay srong, keep going and doing this alone. I’m not helping anyone,  least of all myself! Having been caught in the consequences of someone elses refusal to get hep for depression,  I had a word with myself when I read my lasy post back. My appointment with the GP is booked. I will go and get help and accept that I can do it all alone. My husband needs it too, I don’t want him having to deal with the consequences of me sticking my head in the sand.

Oh The Irony

It was another one of those nights where neither of us could be bothered to cook.(if I’m honest there have been far too many lately! ) So we ordered Chinese. Sat waiting for it to arrive I read some comments on Facebook discussing Channel 4’s Secret Eaters. It seemed worth a watch.

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This week is my second of being unwell and not being at the gym. Initially this was a nice break from the craziness of a full time table. Now I’m itching to get back and carry on with my fitness programme. The guilt of eating while spending all my time sitting and laying, is weighing heavy on my mind. It’s a bit ridiculous really as there’s nothing I can do about it. Even if I was well,  my gorgeous babies aren’t and I would stay home for them. I’m sooo looking forward to the end of this bout of illness!