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Trust Me On The Sunscreen!


Don’t laugh at the guy you drove past, who had wierd tan lines. Otherwise you may get home to find….not only have you got sunburn whilst wearing your quirky new top but before you left home the kids secretly wiped their suncream on you. So now you have random white patches in the ridiculous red areas!

You’re welcome:-D

The Little Things That Make My World Happy


We all have a list of things that make us smile, feel content and make us happy. Each person values different things. I like to think mine is simple and it evolves as I grow older. I have never really valued power, wealth and large material objects as very important.  They have their place, but they don’t make me happy. In fact I would go so far as to say, trying to achieve and maintain those things in my life, would make me miserable!

This is my list…

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Sharing The Good Things In Life

So I’m not feeling great again today, laying in bed. I like to see other people happy, it’s brilliant to watch, lifts the mood and reminds me if the good in the world. So here are some that really make me smile and because I’m soft, often cry too.

1.This made me cry, a lot! I know what its like to be one of these kids at home, it’s hard. I can’t think of a group of people more deserving of these happy moments;
Soldiers Coming Home Best Surprise Compilations |…: http://youtu.be/aTrHjrf_-N0

  1. Little things make us happy;
    Baby Laughing at Dad (and imitating him): http://youtu.be/9Qe4SL-roys

  2. The absolute best part of giving a gift:
    Surprise Christmas gift making a life long dream …: http://youtu.be/_PaI79ulp34

  3. Still one of my favourites!
    United States Navy vs Spanish north coast: http://youtu.be/oei2lB9MBo0