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Sharing The Good Things In Life

So I’m not feeling great again today, laying in bed. I like to see other people happy, it’s brilliant to watch, lifts the mood and reminds me if the good in the world. So here are some that really make me smile and because I’m soft, often cry too.

1.This made me cry, a lot! I know what its like to be one of these kids at home, it’s hard. I can’t think of a group of people more deserving of these happy moments;
Soldiers Coming Home Best Surprise Compilations |…: http://youtu.be/aTrHjrf_-N0

  1. Little things make us happy;
    Baby Laughing at Dad (and imitating him): http://youtu.be/9Qe4SL-roys

  2. The absolute best part of giving a gift:
    Surprise Christmas gift making a life long dream …: http://youtu.be/_PaI79ulp34

  3. Still one of my favourites!
    United States Navy vs Spanish north coast: http://youtu.be/oei2lB9MBo0

Dear Mama at the Mall

Sharing, because sometimes it’s good to remember; not all those watching you struggle with a stubborn toddler, are judging. Some are perhaps wondering if you need a hug. I know I do at times.x

Your Mom Has A Blog

Dear Mama at the Mall,

I saw you today, struggling with your stubborn little pigtailed two year old.   I watched as you patiently waited for her to pretend to ride all of the little cars that want to swallow your quarters.  You checked your watch a few times–you were probably already late.  But, you smiled and you laughed along with her while she excitedly ran from car to car, watching you all the time to make sure you were sharing in the awesome experience.


I was standing nearby when she had finally jumped into each car twice, and you insisted that it was time to leave.  She didn’t give in easily.  In fact, she continued to move from car to car, and she was fast.  You went after her, smiling at me in an apologetic way as you grabbed her between cars.

She kicked.

She screamed.

She had real…

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Fragile = Danger


We all have days where we don’t feel well or are just too tired. These for me are the days where it’s so easy to fold, forget my progress and lapse.

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We Can Choose To Be Happy

In a world where worries and anxiety have a strong grip, sometimes taking back control can be a simple as making an effort to smile. On days we can manage it, looking for the positives and holding onto them can push us through another day. The more we can achieve these happy days, the closer we are to those being the norm.

Most people don’t know as they walk by or sit next to us, the internal struggle we face. So it stands to reason, those that we see may well be facing their own struggles and pain. If we smile and go out of our way to open a door, let someone pass or aknowledge they are there, just maybe we can share that positive energy. Those gestures make such a difference to me on a day where I want to have someone just hug me but can’t say it. Seeing someone else respond in kind can lift our day too. Maybe tomorrow you could smile at someone, say hello or make a kind gesture. Not for reward but for the opportunity to change someone elses day for the better.