The Little Things That Make My World Happy


We all have a list of things that make us smile, feel content and make us happy. Each person values different things. I like to think mine is simple and it evolves as I grow older. I have never really valued power, wealth and large material objects as very important.  They have their place, but they don’t make me happy. In fact I would go so far as to say, trying to achieve and maintain those things in my life, would make me miserable!

This is my list…

  1. Being a mummy. My most important role, to guide the two gifts I have been loaned safely to adulthood and give them the right start.

  2. Family get togethers (funerals excluded!)

  3. Being surrounded by positive & creative people. Especially my babies discovering their love of drawing and photography so young.

  4. Sleeping, anytime. Of this I am a master! I think I actually love my pillow!

  5. True friends, the kids who laugh when I fart, open the door looking a mess and relax enough to put curl up on my sofa. I have 4 and I love and appreciate them very much. It took a lot of tears to find the right ones.

  6. Seeing my kids happy, worry free and smiling. Or sleeping safely, that I hold very dear.

  7. Spontaneous cuddles and kisses with my boys and husband. Serves as a little reminder. That they are happy (and we’re doing something right).

  8. The team my husband & I are. We can do things as two half without needing to talk about it (about 80% of the time. The other 20%, well that’s just marriage, not happy list material:).

  9. Sunshine. It can change my outlook on my day instantly.

  10. Countryside, I can easily sit in a field for hours or look at photos and feel calmer.

  11. Music, especially in the car alone. I can simg without torturing anyone.

  12. Working. keeping my mind busy, organising and achieving goals fulfil me. No matter how small.

  13. Training in the gym

  14. Swimming

  15. Game of Thrones, to which I am addicted!

  16. History,  it facinates me.

  17. Studying,  I would spend forever in education if I could.

  18. Photography,  a passion and a therapy for me.

  19. Walking

  20. Lazy days with my husband. Obviously we cashed in a lot of these for crazy days with crazy little people!

  21. When good things happen to people I love.

  22. Good food.  A little dangerous for an eating disorder sufferer,  but still it’s good:-)

  23. Peace in the bathroom. Having a pee in peace is pretty heavily these days!

  24. New experiences. I have these every day with my boys and I’m incredibly proud of them and grateful.

  25. A close call with a pooey nappy. Those ones that could have been a disaster but you caught in time! It makes you feel epic! (Fairly certain you have to be a parent to get this)

  26. Reading

  27. Driving. Appreciated far more, when a medical condition once meant I had to stop for a few months.

  28. Memories, of  lost loved ones and happy days from all chapters of my life.

  29. Writing.  Without this blog, I wouldn’t be on my way to recovery or finding myself again.

  30. Kindness. We all need it and I honestly believe it makes life worth living to help others. I go out of my way to help and pay it forward when ever I can, because I can.

  31. Life. I appreciate it every day. My days may not always be good or happy but I will always save a thought for what I do have. There is always someone worse off.

  32. The UK and all we have. We are lucky to have so much available to us here. Not least freedoms not available elsewhere. Some complain about the bad, but I’d rather give thanks.

  33. My home. It may not be stylish. We actually look like toys r us exploded here most of the time. But its our home and I still love walking in the door to our space.


Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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