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Shit At The End Of The Tunnel

We all aim for a particular with our mental health, the light at the end of the tunnel, if you like. Only sometimes when we get there it isn’t all its cracked up to be! Continue reading

My Sexuality Is Not Yours To Judge!


Do you ever read something or hear words spoken that make you incessantly angry and yet at the same time pity a lack of education?
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From The Other Side

Real Beauty Sketches

If you struggle with your self worth and appearance, set a few minutes aside to watch this. Let me know how it makes you feel?

Doing Something Right

This morning my children gave me a little sign that I am doing ok by them. Breaking the cyclic grip of ED and not passing it on. Continue reading

All We Can Be….

Forgiveness is allowed. We can’t be everything to everyone. We don’t have to be in control all the time. We are allowed to be flawed, everyone is. Everyone!

Accept you and all that you are. You are greater than you know!

Unlock what you hide from others theough fear. You are capable of so much!

Let go. Let go of all the negative comments,  opinions and comments. They do not difine you, you do!

Move forward and have faith in youself. You will surprise youself!

All this is within your reach. Take it one step at a time and you will make progress.

Make your own goals and targets to achieve.  No one else can do that, no matter what they think or say. Those that matter will help you up. Those thay don’t….leave them behind in your thoughts. Build your own walls around their attempts to drive you down.

Make the choice to not accept being told you can’t. Don’t look for validation in those that have crushed you before,  they will do it again. Use your achievements to show yourself how wrong they are.

You can succeed! Choose to believe it and if you can’t get there yet. Choose to try and change that.x

Taking My Own Advice!

I have been trying to stay srong, keep going and doing this alone. I’m not helping anyone,  least of all myself! Having been caught in the consequences of someone elses refusal to get hep for depression,  I had a word with myself when I read my lasy post back. My appointment with the GP is booked. I will go and get help and accept that I can do it all alone. My husband needs it too, I don’t want him having to deal with the consequences of me sticking my head in the sand.



It’s a little hard to believe my last post was as long ago as WordPress tells me. Time flies when your having fun.

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Search Function Error


The only thoughts my brain keeps brining up are negative ones today. It brings a feeling of someone whispering in my ear, reminding me of any recent negative comments that have come my way. Just in case there was any chance I had forgotten them. Continue reading

She Was Tired of Being Photoshopped, So Here’s What She Did About It.


This should be what we teach our kids. Continue reading

12 Things People Don’t Understand About Eating Disorders



I had a read of this and went from quite happy to wanting to cry. To read descriptions of what I have is both hard and uplifting. I say the latter because talking about this issue,  getting it out there is great! So although I have shared it on my Facebook page,  I was vague about whether I have one. I wonder if now is the time to ‘come out’ and tell my friends. Yet I have faces of friends and family running through my head of disappointment, disbelief and judgment. It’s scary but I want to be part of the movement trying to end stigma. I just have no idea if the move would ease pressure or push it higher, can I take that gamble when I’m in a fragile chapter?