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Dr Hill’s TED Talk


This was an amazing TED Talk, so much new information from studying ED’s. She made me cry, just knowing there are people out there learning what its really like for us.  

12 Things People Don’t Understand About Eating Disorders



I had a read of this and went from quite happy to wanting to cry. To read descriptions of what I have is both hard and uplifting. I say the latter because talking about this issue,  getting it out there is great! So although I have shared it on my Facebook page,  I was vague about whether I have one. I wonder if now is the time to ‘come out’ and tell my friends. Yet I have faces of friends and family running through my head of disappointment, disbelief and judgment. It’s scary but I want to be part of the movement trying to end stigma. I just have no idea if the move would ease pressure or push it higher, can I take that gamble when I’m in a fragile chapter?