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Hollow Positives


I managed to keep a binge at bay last night. I’m eating healthy so in that respect things are stable now. It’s taken a few weeks to reach that point again where food has less of a hold over me. Continue reading

Tears Can Be Good Therapy


Despite my best efforts to be positive,  this morning I woke feeling overwhelmed by my anxiety. I talked to my husband about how I was feeling and my tears just fell. I don’t often cry and very rarely in front of others but I couldn’t hold it in this time. I guess I hit a wall. It’s helped though as I feel better for it. I just wish it was easier to let my emotions out, a lifetime of hiding them for self preservation is rather hard to undo! After a day by the river I’m back home calmer ( and a little sunburnt). The one thing that troubles me about my anxiety, is once something is resolved it anxiety latches onto another situation. I hope there is an end to it one day…