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Anxiety Is Still Ruling My Life

Its not often that there is a gap in my blog posts but I have struggled to know what to share recently. Parts of life have clicked into place and others are floating wildly beyond my grip. I feel like a walking contradiction.
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For A While There I Lost Sight Of The Fact Other People’s Opinions Don’t Matter


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When We’re Feeling Like We Can’t Cope, Seeing Immeasurable Strength From Others Is Important

Heartbroken family find secret message on young cancer victim’s mirror http://dailym.ai/1iUvRsP @MailOnline.

Right now I’m struggling to stay on the right track and keep my recovery going. I’m battling the urge to binge daily. My anxiety is permanently high, I’m tired and yet struggling to sleep. This is not going the right way. With the stress of work crushing me, I struggling to hold onto everything I’ve put into place since I started this. Seeing articles like this one are important.  They serve as a reminder of what I do have, what I need to fight for. Yet my battle is not that significant, not compared to what others have to face….my thoughts are with this family tonight.