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The Creativity Wrecking Ball

creativity is contagious and art for kids doesn't have to be difficult.

The Pendulum of Self Doubt has indeed swung over the last week, although the pace has slowed down somewhat. There is definitely a calmer feeling within today. It may not stay that way but I have some thoughts to try and anchor that pendulum on the side of positivity and confidence…. Continue reading

Accepting The Challenge Change Brings

In supportive chat’s someone asked me if I am spiritual? I would say I am and I definitely believe in things happening for a reason. That reason, sometimes only becomes apparent long after an event (for me anyway). So who knows in a few months I may be glad of the curve ball:-).

My plan is to get a new programme from my trainer and hopefully a physio appointment in the next few days. Tomorrow I will be trying out a new Body Balance class for the first time. Over the week I will also try Pilates and Yoga. There has always been a curiosity about these activities for me, so I’m quite excited. I have time to do one of each if I like them all and swimming on top too. So I should be able to continue improving my fitness levels and toning at the same time.

I really hope I do like the new direction my training needs to go to promote recovery. Today’s low mood and craving food is a red flag that I want to shake off. It doesn’t help that I feel exhausted with a cough and not very motivated. But whether that is a cause or affect remains to be seen.