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The Next Chapter – Adjusting What I Eat!


Each step on my journey has to be approached with acceptance of the time factor and this is no exception.

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A Re-education

Previous attempts to lose weight have always been about fitting in, smaller clothes and massively (unsustainable) restrictions. I can now see that the focus being on what I couldn’t have, was always going to make diets ineffective.

Everything was centred around not having certain foods and then allowing them in as treats. This time I have to switch my thoughts to what I can have and find lots of it. Continue reading

Sunday’s Have Changed

Up until recently I considered days  to be for specific activities.  Mon-Thursday were work and chores etc. Friday’s were work and then relax at the start of the weekend. Saturday’s you go out and do family stuff and Sunday’s,  well those were for sleep and doing as little as possible!

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Time To Shake Up The Diet

I’m feeling ready for a new chapter, something to focus on the positive. I have already made some small changes to what I eat but now feels like a good time to give my general diet an overhaul.
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