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Back After A Long Absence….

Back to blogging regularly after a long time away. Initially I was doing really well and simply didn’t have the time spare to post anything new. My social life has taken off after some effort and it was all happy and great fun. I guess you could say the high has gone and inevitably I have hit a rough patch. The binges have returned and my eating is pretty horrendous in general, skipping meals, over eating and then the out of control shoveling food.
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A New Chapter – Single Mum With BED


My title sounds more confident than I feel right now. It is slowly becoming more real, I am no longer part of a team at home, I am the team most of the time now. That isn’t to take anything away from my husband, he is a fantastic and living dad. Yet either way you look at it, a huge part if my life has changed… Continue reading

I’ve Made This Jump!


I have found this image by chance. Quite a few years ago I actually made that jump myself. It scared the crap out of me but it’s a nice reminder that I can push myself out of my comfort zone and be successful. Actually I need to because its not a happy place! Change is good right? I’ve done it so many times before it’s just tangled up with anxiety this time.

My eyes are shut and I’m stepping off….