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Back After A Long Absence….

Back to blogging regularly after a long time away. Initially I was doing really well and simply didn’t have the time spare to post anything new. My social life has taken off after some effort and it was all happy and great fun. I guess you could say the high has gone and inevitably I have hit a rough patch. The binges have returned and my eating is pretty horrendous in general, skipping meals, over eating and then the out of control shoveling food.
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A Daytime Binge

Predominantly my binges are in the evenings, even at weekends. Today is day one of my plan to look after myself more and I binged already. Continue reading

Step 4: Problem Solving

Most binges do not occur at random. Many are triggered by unpleasant events or circumstances including problems with relationships. Even if your binges are not generally triggered by external forces, most people find that developing their problem-solving skills is of value to them.
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The Very Begining

January 3rd 2014

This week is my first step into the recovery. At least that is the plan. I have two things I need to tackle really, one is my eating disorder and the other is my mental health. Both are intrinsically linked and peeling the two apart is impossible. But non- the less, I have two factors to a very large problem.
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