2 Years & A Totally Different Person


It feels like five minutes ago I was writing about my first year milestone, yet here I am (even a few weeks late) recording the passing of my second personal anniversary; happy, stable and binge free!

In just a month the DBT course I am on will come to an end. It will be a new chapter for me and those in my group, going out into the world with copious amounts of new found knowledge and strategies. Doing therapy has been life changing for me, when I went in last year I had hit a wall trying to recover alone. I no longer binge, I eat regularly out of habit and can identify how I’m feeling but most importantly I can say it out loud!

BED is much like being an alcoholic or drug addict, in order to stay on the wagon it will require regular maintenance, something I am more than happy to do. After all what would be the point in getting this far and stopping?

There are still so many areas of my metal health to work on and nurture. I can just tick off not binging from the ‘Life To Do List’. Its quite likely that as people, we are always work in progress, that feels like a positive outlook and one full of opportunities.

Life definitely feels that way at the moment! I’m aware that is a huge jump from my last post, filling in the gap is on my huge to do list, I promise I will be back soon to explain the transformation!x

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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