Considering Outing Myself – Good or Bad Idea?

From day one I have hidden who I am on here, it was essential to keep me going. Only now life is quite different, I am a long way from where I started out in January 2014. Where has that time gone? (Most likely hidden in the ups and downs of this rollercoaster journey!)
I am stronger than I probably have ever been, finally questionings the actions of others around me and deciding what is best for me. It’s not an exact science but the improvements are pretty vast.

The biggest question to taking this into real life….is anonymity. Will I suffer without it?

There are definitely topics that would have to disappear front the blog and possible repercussions where I have written things that can’t be changed out there in the internet world. Not that I have lied or embellished at all, just some people are a little uncomfortable with the truth.

The question has arisen as I (finally) approach the start date for CBT sessions with Eating Disorder Services. I am doing myself an injustice keeping these parts of my life separate? The strong improving and determined self and this blog where I am honest about my struggles and difficulties. Its all part if me and who I have grown into, the world seems like a place full of opportunities now and that is in the midst of a backslide with BED. I will ride it out and do all I can to come out of it. I know the trigger and what I need to do, so the panic is minimal.

I would be interested to know what others think! Is honesty with all those around me setting a good example for talking the lack of understanding with ED’s? Or am I being overly optimistic and a little naive?

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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