The Next Chapter – Adjusting What I Eat!


Each step on my journey has to be approached with acceptance of the time factor and this is no exception.

A diet has always been tackled head on with huge plans and visions of where I will be as fast as possible. If I want to stay walking the line then I have to abandon that all together.

                   No all or nothing!

These are the promises I have made to myself to keep this a positive process and about fueling my body right.

1. No time limits what so ever!

2. Two foods max to swap until it becomes habit.

3. Any thoughts of restriction need to be challenged and I must eat.

4. 3 meals 3 snacks each day & more if hungry.

5. Weighing only if monitoring GAD & PHQ scores. This is to avoid weighing in hopes of weight loss taking over.

6. This is substituting some foods I eat daily that aren’t fuelling me properly, for foods that will. Definitely not hard and fast diet regime, so if I really fancy something I can still eat it.

This is a nervous step for me and time will see how it goes. I successfully introduced breakfast and maintained eating during the day. Hopefully that relaxed approach will help me now. I will keep the blog updated on how it goes.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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