Not Quite Ready To Face The World – Yet


Many of us tackling body image difficulties and eating disorders will have by now heard of the Body Image Movement.

I started the process of becoming an ambassador today. Filling in the form I was happy and proud of my progress, I no longer hate what I see in the mirror and appreciate my body. I think their message is not only important but essential for women and men across the world.

Being an ambassador for an organisation such as this is a long term goal I have envisioned since day one. Coincidentally I started working on my own views, at around the same time BIM began is global campaign. It is something I would love to join in with and help spread the positive messages.

Only half way through the form I had visions of speaking to others and became nervous. Having this blog and other areas helping others online. while I help myself allows me a huge degree of anonymity. I can step in and out of that zone at will, on days I need to jot think about it I’ll keep busy in other ways.

When I step out of my door (I actually do that a lot now!) No one knows much about me at all. That’s my comfort zone and pushing that boundary will take a lot longer. I haven’t submitted my application this time.

So for now my dream to run out into the world shaking the junk in my trunk to help others will have to wait.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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