A Pre 9am “Get Your Head Out Of The Washing Machine” Kinda Day

It would seem today is started by my little men as they mean to go on. Which leaves me wondering if I should skip to this afternoon and just lock myself in the kitchen now?

We started with the bouncing on my bed warnings.
I suspect me saying “its not fair on the neighbours” has baffled them rather than induced thoughts of ‘oh dear mummy has a point, we should calm down’. Put it this way, our bed is so old and squeaks If we come face to face with our neighbours, I don’t known if we will get a cheeky grin that says ‘ good on you, day and night we remember those day’s!’ or the stare that says ‘what the hell are you on, whatever it is for the love of god stop!’ I’m pretty sure explaining it’s caused by coughing, kids jumping or even the simple act of breathing isn’t going to be believed.

Not one’s to let their side down, they treated me to some more. You know the kind, where you hear yourself saying the most ridiculous sentences…..

“get your head out of the washing machine, your meant to be eating breakfast”

“get my bra off your head and put your coat on”.

What can I say, they’re inventive from the second they get up. Having just had my coffee I am considerably further behind with this energy.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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