What If I have The Same Problem as Dr Watson?

Anyone who is a fan of the Steven Moffat’s version of Sherlock Holmes series, will know that in the first episode A Study In Pink,  Dr Watson is seeing a therapist to deal with life after his service in Afghanistan.

When Watson meets Mycroft he tells him to fire the therapist. Far from suffering PTSD, he actually misses the war. Mycroft wasn’t wrong… but then when is he?

Today I have felt a bit like Watson after his meeting with Mycroft. Obviously I haven’t actually had a conversation with a governmental official or been given an opportunity to run around London with a genius (Any offers would be gladly received).

I am however considering if part of my current difficulty with day to day life is in fact, that I’m missing the routine and challenge that employment gave me. Being self employed is different and makes my anxiety worse at present so I won’t start that up for some time.

What I crave is a task to be given and the sense of achievement upon completion. I miss the social interaction and comradery. I guess you could say I’m bored of being a stay at home parent.

The kids have broken me the last couple of days with expert tortures such as Thomas and Fireman Sam, the cryptonite to those who prefer historical documentaries and …well anything aimed at those over 5 years.

Anyone want to swap roles for a week??

Maybe I should knock up an advert for those looking to get out of the office! Selective hearing is an advantage kind of content. Would it be unethical to miss out things like I had to stop writing this five times;

1) To stop bickering,
2) To send them to wipe noses
3) To discuss not hitting and lieing about it
4)To ask for a few minutes peace to finish my work (ssshhh..its OK those lies are allowed)
5. To repeat no 4.

Who Am I kidding, I didn’t even finish that list before number 6.came up, to explain who the suncream belongs to. Organising a difficult supplier and being harassed by managers seems like heaven right now!

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