Sometimes Despite Our Best Efforts, There Is A Bigger Plan At Work

As the title says really,  we may have an idea set out and then an event occurs which takes your life in a totally different direction.

I have been set to go no contact with my mum. Then a few days ago I took ill and had to be taken home by someone else, barely able to walk let alone drive. As of yet I have no explanation for what happened to me but I do know that added to other symptoms I have been experiencing it needs to be looked into.

I am displaying symptoms of an illness my mother has. It will require further investigation and tests. If I have then its manageable, if I don’t then I could do with finding out why I have been so unwell for the last four months.

The only person who can help me and guide me to get the right treatment is my mum, I need her help. (Ironic isn’t it). I do believe in fate and a higher plan for our lives, so it could be that this is the right way to go, who knows. I won’t worry about it as that won’t achieve anything.

So despite my build up and determination, life may not change all that much at the moment. Half of me is relieved and the other half sad at the property of facing more confrontations. Hell, it could just be I’m too scared to do it and being ill is a convenient excuse. I could get help from the net and other sufferers but my experience so far is that GP’s aren’t that clued up with this and I need all the inside help I can get.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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