A Daytime Binge

Predominantly my binges are in the evenings, even at weekends. Today is day one of my plan to look after myself more and I binged already.
For the next two weeks I have decided to stay away from social media, the news and negative stories in general. Each day I will set myself one task designed to get myself back into living rather than just existing. I figure making my world as positive as possible is a good start.

Today’s task was to get out with my youngest child. We have done that and come home for a sensible lunch. Normally I would use the excuse to buy food out but that was quite easily avoided. We ate lunch and then I had a binge.

I’m uncomfortable as I have never done it in front of my children. As it was short lived, there probably wasn’t much to notice. I am feeling low and tired but I can’t see that being the cause. Perhaps I am so used to plans being about punishment and that any I make with some kind of restriction is a trigger?

The other trigger that vomes to minf thing is sticking religiously to my dairy free eating. It’s essential I do eat this way to not wreak havoc on my body but it is a hard transition. Maybe it is just the release of tension from not eating so many foods I would usually.

My day hasn’t felt that great so far, even with my small achievements but when pushing myself to get out of the house, it was always going to be hard. Tomorrow is another day and another chance to look after myself.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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