Stripping It All Back To Stop The Tail Spin

I’m currently rather lost in a world of panic and anxiety. I have no definite trigger but things are getting bad. It can only signify a combination of problems.

I know I need to come to a stop, asses and rebuild. So thats what I’m doing. For the next two weeks I will do all I can to fix myself. I know I can do that now which means I will. I have come that far!

This also means putting the energy I give out to help others on hold for a bit. I’ve never given my self permission to do that before. I’d give it all to make others ok no matter how far I sink myself. It isn’t healthy and I won’t this time. It means I can come back quicker and stronger ready to be my normal self. Who knows, just doing that for my own wellbeing may propel me back to ‘ok’? For that reason I don’t feel guilt at putting me first, its progress I am proud of and know is right finally.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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