Apparently New Progress

We went out to dinner this week, a favourite restaurant of mine. The usual level of excitement was present on the way there and I don’t restrict myself on what I eat, it was going to be great getting my hands on all my favourites!
Only it wasn’t that great, in fact I left feeling a bit….flat. The food wasn’t that great, there was no high and I stopped when I felt full even skipping a much loved dessert I would have ALWAYS squeezed in. I enjoyed spending time with the family but that was it, a normal outing.

Some time ago my husband and I agreed to cut back on eating out on date nights. This was for both financial and health reasons as we like our food and it doesn’t come cheap. Without realising we have stuck to this for so long,  I barely remember the last time we went to a restaurant. That’s quite an achievement for me as I was somewhat addicted to the buzz of eating out. I would have done it every day if I could. Over eating was the normal routine and stuffing myself until I felt uncomfortable.

It seems odd in a way that I have knocked that habit on the head without much effort. By that I mean I didn’t stress over it or panic about not doing it. It happens to be a side effect of keeping myself busy in other areas. I don’t need restaurant food  to fill a gap because its taken up with things I like to do. I am pretty happy with that.

I would like regularly ordering take out to be the next strike off my bad habits list. It’s great seeing how our eating habits have improved over time, all great progress for improving our health.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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