My Assessment With The Eating Disorder Service


Going to that appointment has to be the most nervous I have been since my wedding day!

I had no idea what to expect, although my negative thoughts were in overdrive. I had nothing to worry about though, by the time I left, I felt supported and understood. It was a huge relief!

We did a brief history of when things began and how they progressed throughout the years. I discussed what I know to be my triggers and how I use the binges to cope. I was completely honest about everything as I want the help. There were basic medical questions to answer and the ones to narrow down my type of ED.

At no stage was anything negative mentioned. All the responses to me opening up was support and praise. My therapist commented on how well I had done with my progress do far, (the thing I was worried would stop me getting help). The information I have given is throughout my blog, getting it all into a 1.5hr assessment was easier than I thought. The results from that session and a large collection of questionnaires I completed beforehand, will be used to asses what treatment plan they see as best for me. Even if it wasn’t with them (which they think unlikely) they would refer me to someone else and check I was seen before closing my case. That is a huge relief for me. I guess many of us are used to situations that involve us being vulnerable,  ending with the door being closed and no emotional validation. This won’t be the case now and the relief is quit immense,  I will have a real life support net for the first time. I am incredibly grateful that this service is available for me and fellow ED sufferers. The NHS can get a lot of bad publicity but we are so lucky to have it. I do hope by documenting this stage of my journey, it will give others the courage to seek help too.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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