My Musical Therapy Album


1.Going Under
2.Bring Me To Life
3.Everybody’s Fool
4.My Immortal
8.Taking Over Me
10.My Last Breath

There are many songs that make me feel alive and renewed but this whole album is my absolute favourite. It has deep connections with my eating disorder.

  1. My Immortal, reminds me of the sadness of what ED brings into life.

  2. Haunted, for me explains how it feels to have ED, pulling you in.

  3. Tourniquet, is when it all gets too much. Specifically ‘screaming’ and ‘too lost to be saved’ are significant.

  4. Imaginary, is my escape song. It can be calming.

  5. Taking over me, reminds me of the girl I was and is now lost.

  6. Hello, this is the two halfs of me. My ED and mental health side and the other half of me I want to take over.

Amy Lee’s voice is just magical and can pull me back from most dark places. Like finding my wings to fly again.

2 thoughts on “My Musical Therapy Album

  1. Jo

    I remember listening to that album on repeat for a few months in high school. I remember listening to “Hello” while walking in the rain and thinking, “Hey, this is a like a music video!”


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