My Sexuality Is Not Yours To Judge!


Do you ever read something or hear words spoken that make you incessantly angry and yet at the same time pity a lack of education?

Being an empath I avoid confrontation, it is physically uncomfortable for me to think of engaging in a row with someone. Having just read a whole article littered with bigoted opinions misrepresented as fact, I decided to write on my own blog. Whether someone is lesbien, gay, straight, bi, transgender or asexual it has nothing to do with anyone else. It does not mean you can judge or make assumptions about them or their lives, any more than you would expect them to on yours. We all have a right to live without persecution. I personally am bisexual and have been for forever. I wonder if that suddenly changes whether it is acceptable to read my blog now, given the ‘horrible person I apparently am’?
The fact that I am married to a man and we have children doesn’t prevent me from standing up for who I am. The world would be a much kinder place if people lived by the phrase ‘love and peace to all’ they use.

2 thoughts on “My Sexuality Is Not Yours To Judge!

  1. sitagaia

    People are stupid for judging people based on their sexuality or whether they are trans*. People are people! I am sorry that you have felt/been judged based on your sexuality. I wish we did not live in such a heteronormative society. It is so damaging on so many levels. One of my best friends is bi and I know she has felt judged for it. That is why I went into social work to maybe try and improve the way things are in our society. Is that a little far fetched? Maybe. But I can only hope that everyone is treated equally, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, creed, ability, etc.

    1. Fighting BED Post author

      Thank you for the positive message. I was just annoyed by something I read, from someone claiming to believe in love an peace to all. Apparently that wouldn’t extend to the LGBT community though. I just felt rather than start an argument I would use my blog to put out there how I feel about the judgment. I agree with you I also wish the world was more accepting. It’s great you have set out to make a difference with your work. I’m sure the people you help will benefit from your approach.


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