Can They See Through Me?


On days like today, where I want to lock myself in my safe place and hide it’s had to push out into the world.
I smile, look presentable and day the right things. Mostly I hide it well,  the overwhelming anxiety I feel about everything. Being scared of life would sometimes sum it up.

Sometimes the mask can momentarily slip, a tear may form or my voice may falter. Yet most of the time my act fools even the closest to me.

Just once in a while someone sees though the smoke and mirrors and it unnerves me. They know im not ok and in that instant I am vulnerable,  in my natural state. It makes me wonder how many others can see through my front? I am very good at seeing through others barriers, feeling their emotions. I guess it makes me realise I am in need more than I let on.


1 thought on “Can They See Through Me?

  1. utahrob

    You’re not alone; it’s actually crowded in here. We all get lost roaming around in our own heads. I think the trick is not to do it all the time. Claw your way to the surface and grab a breath of air from time to time. Write it, then put it away for a while, then pull it out and kick its ass, then file it till you need it again.


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