The Unexpected- A New Direction


What a month November has been…
I started with a back slide but overcame that. In fact it became a little irrelevant after another event. My visit to the GP resulted in new medication and a referal to an eating disorder clinic. The second point is a positive but will take a while to come along.

The medication did not go well initially. I lost a week, unable to work or do much beyond basic functions. Food was almost impossible to eat and I couldn’t stay awake. My GP was away so a stand in saw me when I requested an appointment to discuss coming off the medication. After a chat with them and a mental health nurse a gradual reduction was agreed as the best course of action. This is where the unexpected occured.

During the reduction I found a dose that has worked for me. I sleep well every night, my anxiety and depression have lifted and food doesn’t bother me at all. By that I mean I don’t worry about it, the fixation isn’t there and I simply eat when hungry without tge need to eat fast and get more in. It doesn’t appeal like before. I have been flat out busy with work. It has been life changing for me.

I’m aware that my hard work over this year will have contributed considerably to this improvement too but its still a dramatic shift for me. I have lost weight since starting them as I am not over eating. Although not the most important element, it is significant in highlighting a change in behaviour.

It has made me wonder, did anxiety cause my body to hold onto weight? Can medication (when used effectively with a medical professional) manage weightloss and could that be an alternative, for some, to the discussion of increased gastric band operations? So many people focus on the food we eat and judge yet we know we are battling a condition. Could my medication help others with the same problems as me? What if we didn’t have to just struggle and there was more that could be done?

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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