Making Good Progress


I made it through last week and the weekend without ordering take out. That’s a good start to shaking up what I eat. We ate a McDonald’s but that was due to our location, so I skipped the bun and had lots of chicken instead. The difference is I chose to eat home cooked and the fast food. Neither choice was with angst or stress. I may have found choosing what to eat a bit of a long process but I got there in th end, without taking an easy option.

The new foods added this week are; seeds, nuts, dried apricots and cranberries. Surprisingly mixed nuts and pumpkin seeds were rather moreish (a key component when you are swapping out successfully). I’m making small changes but they are significant.

So far abandoning the pressure to lose weight in favour of nutrition is holding up.  It’s giving me hope that long term, this will work despite all I have ever known going against it. I’ve had diets in the past that have failed before now. It’s a puzzle how something so ineffective and at times counterproductive, is considered a compulsory requirement! Not to mention the anxiety,  stress and restrictions I have put myself through to follow the misleading concept and promises that come with a ‘Diet’.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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