A Re-education

Previous attempts to lose weight have always been about fitting in, smaller clothes and massively (unsustainable) restrictions. I can now see that the focus being on what I couldn’t have, was always going to make diets ineffective.

Everything was centred around not having certain foods and then allowing them in as treats. This time I have to switch my thoughts to what I can have and find lots of it.
Months ago I would have struggled with that concept. It will still be hard to approach food changes. My habits are hard to break, certain go to foods are still.in the fore front of my mind. Using them meant I got bored, give in and eat all the ‘forbidden’ foods to make myself feel better.

This will be a re-education,  learning to eat properly. I won’t have weight goals, a weekly weigh in or monitor calories. Instead I am on a mission to explore new foods, ideas and give my body what it needs. Hopefully weight loss will eventually be a symptom of these actions but it won’t be my focus. For as long as i can remember this time of year has brought pressure to drop a dress size for Christmas. I am looking looking forward to this new challenge. Gone is the ‘all or nothing’  approach. I will simply add more positives, balance and as much variety as possible to my food intake. Above all nothing is off limits.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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