Today I have been contemplating tackling weight loss.

I don’t know whether I can undertake it sensibly. I have no desire to diet again but for my health I should lose a substantial amount to put me in a healthy range. Is that actually even possible with ED? Or are old habits dieing hard? I’m happy with myself but should I develop health issues, hindsight won’t help me will it!

It making me teary thinking about putting myself in that zone again. I haven’t gained weight all year and even lost some (at last look). Am I destined to stay at this weight forever? I think I could carry on merrily but that niggling voice that I’m putting my health at risk won’t go away. I sense another difficult stage coming.

The only correct tools I have are patience and not punishing myself. Can I actually hold my demons at bay and not destroy myself again?

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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