Doing Something Right

This morning my children gave me a little sign that I am doing ok by them. Breaking the cyclic grip of ED and not passing it on.
I will always need to be mindful not to talk about it in front of them. At least until the day they can understand what mummy has. When that will be, will depend on who they grow to become. In the mean time food is nourishment and a balance is what we strive for. No restrictions or berating.  We don’t talk about weight gain or fat. Instead I encourage exercise for a healthy body and let them choose food when reasonable. (Like any parent I make sure veg and fruit gets in there, by any means necessary). I am moving away from dessert as a reward and taking it away as punishment.

This morning as a rare treat,  they had free run of the biscuit barrel. I would have expected that it would all be eaten. Instead after a reasonable amount (for kids allowed all they want anyway), they put the lid back on and declared they had had enough. When they were hungry a little later a yogurt was what they wanted.

In the grand scheme if things it’s little but for me I could cry. I am so happy that despite what I feel, mine and my husbands efforts to give them the right approach to food appears to be working, so far.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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