A Little Relief

Having made a call to get some help for how I’m feeling, a weight has been lifted. I suppose that would be the burden of trying to carry all of this on my own. It puzzles me why we feel the need to try and cope alone with something so life changing.

I guess if I could answer that question I’d be in a different line of work! For now I would simply say, if you’re struggling and feel overwhelmed by anxiety and depression, reach out. I thought I was being strong holding out but the longer I have waited, the worse I have felt.

For now I am back in a period of depression but I don’t have to stop. I will still help others where I can and do my work. I know how important it is to keep my mind as active as possible.  The key to me keeping going is  ‘what I can cope with’. It can change on a daily or hourly basis but I have made it through before and I can do it again.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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