Helping You To See How Far You Can Go


I write my blog as a form of therapy. It’s a wonderful tool to get out those emotions that I often hold in. After 10 months of recording my progress,  both ups and downs, I am feeling relaxed and pleased with my progress.

To get to this point has taken me through some dark days and racked over old hurts. It has all been worth it! My thoughts today are turning to sharing this change with others at the start of their journey. I know myself well enough not to commit to a big project and set myself up for stress and pressures. I have learnt my limits but something as simple as words of encouragment and sharing with others going yhrough the same, has been the biggest help to me.

I want you to know, what ever reasons have brought you here, reading this blog…. there is an end to those feelings that control your life now. The constant battle to lose weight and get to your ideal size, dreaming of how happy you would be if only could get there, the self loathing and disappointment when you feel you have failed… can go away!

You can get to a place where you feel ok and food isn’t a dominating factor in your life. It does take work and it’s not easy but you can unlock the ‘happy you’ and live life the way you want to, I promise.

I’m still recovering  (I accept that I may be for years to come and that is ok). I have had an eating disorder for over 20 years and it’s a lot to unlock but I want to help others like you. I want you to feel what it’s like to start getting through the dark and feeling free. This year I am looking forward to Christmas without the stress of what diet I need to get on, what dress size I need to be to have a good time. It would be even better knowing I can help others get to that stage. We all deserve to be happy and comfortable with who we are.x


Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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