Diets Are Like Squeezing Into Trousers A Size Too Small


We’ve all pulled a pair on, stretched them to their limit and squeeeezed that button into the hole. You may not be able to bend over or even breath properly but they are on right!

It’s inevitable, that button, zip or even the seam will go eventually after prolonged abuse. We’re all bombarded with beautiful ‘after’ images and sold the ‘ultimate goal’ if only we join the diet brigade. Of course the damage to your bank account is mentioned as a secondary consideration. What we are actually doing is the same as the effect on those trousers we have at some point abused.

It may seem an extreme word to use but consider this; we decide on a goal that is likely to be achievable with lots of work and dedication over years but the latter points are disregarded in favour of a quick fix. Right there we are putting ourselves into something that doesn’t fit, yet we push on (and empty out more cash). On days where we don’t quite make the grade with ‘sins’ or ‘points’ we feel bad and have a binge on food. Everyone makes promises to themselves to get ‘back on the diet’, only this time we push that little harder to catch up with where we slipped. After all, we have likely paid to find out what we haven’t lost that week, so we pay more and make that pressure ever harder.

Now for some they reach the goal, get the free membership or promised staus. The rest of us make harsher restrictions and set ourselves up for failure, probably for the umpteenth time. Instead of that much wanted staus, the button flies off, zip breaks or the seam splits. The clothes go in the bin and we are left feeling sad and worthless for not reaching the picture perfect image we were sold. Of course it couldn’t be the diet at fault, so we internalise a that failure and no doubt try again and again.

So I have an idea (one that I have chosen). Why not bin the diet? Stop trying to squeeze into something that doesn’t actually fit us? Remove all pressures on yourself and focus on getting happy with you right now. If diets worked so well there would be no industry to reel us in time and again. For all those glossy images we are sold, what we eventually but is an idea that we don’t fit!

The money it costs could be used to do something to pick you up, treat yourself to a make over (add it up and it’s a bloody good one over a year or two of membership) or just go out find clothes that are comfortable and you want to wear. Pull them on with ease and go find the you that you miss or haven’t yet given yourself permission to explore. I can promise you that will take you to a far better place.x

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