Not A Time To Become Complacent


It would be very easy for me to stay where I am with my progress, coast along. It may work out ok, then again I may find myself in a few weeks backsliding and documenting binges again. So I need to keep on making changes and progress. Starting with why I’m currently sat in a supermarket carpark writing this post…

After yet another quick trip to the shop I have come out with items to eat that I absolutely don’t need. It makes me feel a bit low rather than the high I used to get. So my solution has to be to examine how I can stop this behaviour too! I have some time before I need to be somewhere so writing things that come to mind has to be a good use of my time, rather than eating some of the sausage rolls and sweets sat next to me.

-I want to plan what I need from the shop and buy it. Even if it’s a spontaneous trip. Writing on ny phone and agreeing with myself what I will buy prior to entering.

  • budget what money I have per day, a limit will give me a better perspective on what I spend on food.

-find activities that don’t involve food. This will encourage me to not influence my kids to associate food and special time too much. Eventually I can break this too.

-meal plan a little to cut out unnecessary foods. Not too much or I will rebel but enough to give a structure of nutrition. Say 2 meals a day? Argh the idea of that it making me anxious as I type. Maybe not each day then. Over a week and select what like a menu I want may be more realistic.

Ok so that’s what I have time for but its got to help. I don’t want to have this element of my eating, like the binges it’s something that I can work on over time. As always I will document my progress on here.

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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