Finding Others Like Ourselves


In order for me to recover I need to share my struggles. Chat forums are an ideal place for me to be able to bare my soul and learn more about myself without the fear of rejection or distain. By using these I have ‘met’ people who are going through the same problems. We share stories, day to day experiences and help each other to unravel questions and issues.

I know they read the blog and I’d love to say the insight and advice I receive has been massively appreciated. You have helped me grow stronger, see things more clearly and given me hope. I’d be lost without you all.

I meet new people online quite regularly. Knowing I can now pass on what I have learnt so far is quite a good feeling. Just today i started chatting to someone. I hope you feel able to join us on the support thread. We all have the chance to make this recovery together.x

Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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