8 Months In And A New Chapter Begins


So July turned out to be a very quick and happy month. So much so I haven’t had time to blog!

The weeks of quietness on here have been filled with a holiday, a job ending, family visits and progression. The day after I left work I flew abroad for two weeks of sunshine. The break has been like a reboot, life has slotted bqck into place. My training is back in full swing (just for health purposes rather than event focused) so the ‘holiday squeeze’ into my normal clothes has been reversed already. I feel energised and full of hope.

The beginnings of my business are coming together. Although the research and design stage is essential, it is a little tedious:-). I am excited to have freedom to be creative and get down to the fun stuff.

Just 8 months into my journey and life is completely different to when I started. Everything is good right now and I am happy, healthier and eating properly again. Food is not my focus right now and it has taken a back seat rather than dominating my life!

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