Hollow Positives


I managed to keep a binge at bay last night. I’m eating healthy so in that respect things are stable now. It’s taken a few weeks to reach that point again where food has less of a hold over me.
I wish the same could be said for my mood. Having just woke up I am trying to find the reasons why I already want cry. Off the top of my head…

-Step Dad & big C
– Job ends this week
– The mountain of work to do before then & train someone
– One of my babies finishing nursery
– General anxiety

There are more but the list is long enough. If someone has a magic pause button, I’d love to sleep another 8 hours and face the day later…

5 thoughts on “Hollow Positives

  1. ambivalencegirl

    Not bingeing last naught is terrific. To others it may not seem like a big deal, but I know how difficult it is. I find that my anxiety goes up when I don’t binge. It’s frustrating to do something positive and feel accomplishment yet anxious at the same time. Hopefully your day goes well and you can just be mindful of wanting to cry…some days are just like that, even in Australia (Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day)

    1. Fighting BED Post author

      Thank you for this lovely message. I have had a good day and have plans for a nice evening too. I had a little cry when our wedding song came on the radio, a happy one but still let it out a little. I hope your evening is good (not sure what time zone your on so maybe day instead?).


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