Taking Back Control!


Work has been so stressful of late that my positive improvements have been unravelling rapidly. Today i made a decision to take back control and leave.  I need a break from the anxiety and worrying. My prospective employers are currently trying to call all the shots while leaving me with the responsibilities.  It’s not good for me, so I’m out as soon as my current contract ends! Wish me luck….

6 thoughts on “Taking Back Control!

  1. TheCatssMeoww

    Good job on taking your life back and doing what’s good for you. Worrying and anxiety are so bad. They just eat away at you.

      1. TheCatssMeoww

        Awesome, that way you can look back at all the hard work and triumphs you’ve had and feel even more empowered.

      2. Fighting BED Post author

        Absolutely and I’m feeling more confident now the decision is made. It’s rare that we regret things rather than learn from mistakes. My kids will benefit from having more time with me, there’s only positive in that.

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