Back On My Shit ( Because It’s not a game)

I am back in the room again! I have been at a loss to explain my inability to cope in such an epic way this week. The blame can be firmly placed at mother Nature’s door. I had no idea she was about to come drop by (apparently the hubby did and wisely gave me a wide birth). So as things are settling down chemically, my brain is functioning far better. Productivity and creativity have returned from their cells.

This evening I am trying to regain a grip on my positivity….My new blog theme is a reflection of where I feel I have moved on to in my journey. It’s a bit more complicated than just pretty colours and boxes. For me visual stimulation can be either a welcome comfort or a vicious trigger for a low mood. So with that in mind, I have taken a great deal of time picking something that not only makes me feel comfortable when looking at it but also something that may be a welcome view for anyone reading my blog. I have no idea if I am alone in having these experiences. It extends to music, which can either be loved instantly or turned off for switching on a depressive mood. I choose the colours of my drinking glass depending on my mood. Happiness requires warm colours and depression requires me to avoid greys and browns. I see tastes and smells as a scale of notes and pitches. Certain words give me feelings and some I cannot say aloud due to the attachments they have. I have yet to meet someone who has these experiences but this is how I am and it doesn’t bother me at all, in fact I quite like it. Whether there is name for it….beyond weird, I have no idea but I can use these sensory quirks to help pick myself backup again. Tonight’s tools are Genesis and The Beautiful South… with these wonderful creative people in my head I am back on this and ready to deal with my shit again!

4 thoughts on “Back On My Shit ( Because It’s not a game)

    1. Fighting BED Post author

      I had heard of that but only seeing sounds as colours, through a story if a composer (which I don’t experience). Just had a read up, there are lots of different types, so yes it would appear that’s what it is! I had no idea that all my other quirky things weren’t just me. I see weeks and dates in picture form with varying grey scale. Lots of other things too. My weirdest is that I have words I can’t say because of how they make me feel, it never occurred to me there may be a reason. I need to do some research as this may help me with anxiety etc. Thank you, you made my night!x

  1. Sleep

    Hi, I’m so glad you are feeling better. We all have low points, sometimes you need to go with it for a while. I love how you recognise the way colour/visuals affect you. I wonder if you’d like the idea of making every plate of food you eat as visually appealing as possible (even photograph/Instagram it?) For many people recovering from ED’s it provides a way of appreciating food in a new way, it definitely helps with mindful eating and the added bonus is that the most beautiful looking food tends to be the most nutritious!

    1. Fighting BED Post author

      I did reply to this Sleep but I’m not sure it posted. I dont really use instagram but I do tend to apply the colours rule to everything anyway.x


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