I Wish I Could Stop These Feelings, Yet I Still Feel Judged For Not Coping

Just that. I can’t stop these feelings of constant anxiety and inadequacy. I’m a smart individual who wouldn’t expect anyone else to suddenly snap out of this black cloud. So why do I feel like a failure for not being able to?

I’m incredibly irritable and short tempered. I have had confirmation that I will be losing my job despite the fact I’m good at what I do. I have also been told I need to train my replacement before I go. The result is that I feel so low. I work incredibly hard, always trying my best.

l feel let down, disappointed and taken advantage of. I am stuck in a spiral of having to stay until an official notice period is completed,  while feeling worthless in the eyes of my employer.  I can tell you this is a very bad trigger situation and I am not coping well. Ben and Jerry can vouch for that right now! I don’t want to be alone but can’t cope with being around noise, I haven’t trained all week and my mood is permanently low.

I think I officially fell off the wagon….

8 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Stop These Feelings, Yet I Still Feel Judged For Not Coping

  1. kiyoshi69

    Just read this and I am so sorry for what you are going through, I find it wrong from your company’s part. I really hope you find the strength to get back up on your feet because nobody deserves bad things to happen to them. Have faith, be strong, don’t quit, the world is your’s for the taking not the other way around. I have faith in you.

  2. claireodactyl

    Can you just take sick leave until your notice period is up? I’ve been in similar situations, and whilst it isn’t the ideal way of dealing with things it takes you out of a situation which is really bad for your health and well being. I’m sorry you are in this situation but please put yourself first.

    I think it is in the nature of people with mental health problems to always feel responsible for others and that we have to try harder than anyone else, even when we are being unfairly treated.

    Get yourself out of that situation as soon as you can and get help from your Dr to deal with this immediate impact.

    Your blog family are always here for support.

    1. Fighting BED Post author

      Hi Claire, thank yiu for he message. It was really nice to wake up to. I’ve taken the day to get some speace and try pick myself up a bit.
      If it gets too much then I would feel confident approaching my GP to be signed off. Its something id like to try avoid as I want to finish my work. I have prided myself on always getting things done and this time it will be for me. I will leave with my head high knowing I did it by the book. Fingers crossed a new job comes up soon so I can resign anyway.x

      1. claireodactyl

        I wish you all the best, I have similar morales but you do have to put yourself first and there is no shame in saying I come first and this place is bad for me. So if you need to walk away then make sure you do. Here to talk if you need to vent. x

      2. claireodactyl

        I do social media. Am originally trained as a marketer, then specialised in Digital and SEO but love social media and it isn’t stressful with very few triggers associated so perfect for managing as a freelancer.

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