Sometimes We Need To Be Careful What We Use To Measure Our Self Worth


After being on my CBT programme for 5 months I well and truly have control and a better understanding of what role weighing myself plays in my eating disorder. I donit once a werk on a set day and then forget about it, its just something to keep an eye on but not obsss about anymore.

I have stuck with my training and I eat healthier than ever before but I won’t lie it’s been incredibly frustrating that I haven’t lost any weight since January. Last week I had an MOT with a PT, which was printed out. I stumbled upon that print out tonight and had a flick through. My weight was in Kg, which doesn’t mean a great deal to me. Converting to the good old British St & lbs provided a little shock….I actually weight over 10lbs less than my own (cheap) scales tell me. Initially I was exctatic, because besides childbirth, it’s the fastest weigh loss I’ve ever managed. After that came the realisation that I’ve still allowed a number to push me down at times. Granted this is on a much less significant scale than before this change in my life, yet all along its been wrong. Rather than stress about it,  I will take a positive from the fact I kept going, didn’t stop because I wasn’t getting thinner and placed my importance on health. It’s just a bonus that my efforts had paid off and I didn’t even know it!


Please feel free to share your experinces & thoughts.

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